Under Covers Kitten

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American / Tardis
494 5.0
9:16 min - May 14 2016 - .MOV - 1.29 GB


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Heoss_ - Top reviewer Aug 21 2016
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First: Amazing video quality, both lighting and details ! It's always worth mentioning.
Second: This angle is so hot. I love details, in everything and there is so much to see and think about here... It's a delicate video, but filled with so much sexual tension (hence the intense tag) that you can only be amazed by both the quality and the erotic power in it.
Thank you for sharing the magic a beautiful body in ecstasy can do (twice !) :)

Sougo Okita - Top reviewer Jul 30 2016
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Nice POV, something a bit differant and what a great view!

bigbonner69 Jul 14 2016
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She has aweomely sexy ass I would eat out if I could mmmm!!

I was taking a Kitten nap in the sun and Master put the camera under the sheets so he could watch me play. I came twice, once with a bumpy glass toy and once with just my hand – my Master’s favorite. This is professionally shot