Feet vs Balloons

6:47 min - May 18 - .WMV - 310.47 MB


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I happen to have a few different balloons left over from an earlier looner session but they’re taking up too much room so they have to go. This time I decide to pop them all with my little barefeet. First I have a little play with them, having my fun and making them squeak but when it was time to pop I wasn’t expecting such a fight! Stamping on them, rolling them under my feet, bouncing on top of them….still some of them didn’t give up. But of course they couldn’t escape; those that wouldn’t pop underfoot had to be put out of their misery in other ways. Feet vs Balloons:The Battle! INCLUDES: ENGLISH MISTRESS, BALLOON POPPING, LOONER FETISH, BAREFEET, RUBBER FETISH, FOOT FETISH, INFLATABLES, LATEX & REDHEAD.