Dinky Dick Deal Breaker

8:54 min - May 14 - .MP4 - 1.48 GB


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We are on our third date and things are going so well. You've been begging me to go out with you for months and lucky you I was so bored one night I agreed....our first date was a nice romantic dinner, you actually impressed me with your intelligence. Our second date was a lot of fun, you took me mini golfing and the way you "let" me win was so sweet. The shirt you were wearing made your muscles look so big, I got really turned on.....now here we are on our third date, I think you wanted to impress me by buying me clothes and shoes, and it worked, what woman doesn't want to be spoiled....and so now here we are in your car after our date and I just can't help myself anymore. I really wanted to take things slow with you but fuck that. I want you inside me, let's fuck in your car.....I can't wait to get that huge cock inside me...you do have a huge cock right? I really hope it's not some teeny tiny 1 inch penis....I just can't date a man with a tiny pindick......