Chained Pet

6:47 min - May 14 - .MP4 - 1.11 GB


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You used to think you were a man. You used to be a boss, go to an office, tell people what to do.....That all seems so long ago as you feel Goddess Roxy tug on your leash bringing you scurrying to her feet like the little pet you are now. There is only one boss now, Goddess Roxana Rae. Roxana takes "men" who think they are "alpha males" and turns them into her pets, just pathetic little puppies and playthings that peer up at her magnificent beauty from a cage, helpless to do anything but watch and worship. While you wait, in hopes of maybe licking her Goddess pussy, your tiny little boner is a constant reminder that the closest you will get is humping her leg, or sniffing her feet like a pathetic little puppy. So cute, you now serve a purpose in Roxana's puny little pet.