Futa Date Pt 1


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
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As I sit and talk about a book that me and my date have been reading, flirting, being playful, the way he looks at me makes that "thing" happen...I start to feel it grow in my pants, making a bulge. I quickly excuse myself and go to the bathroom, trying my best to get rid of my now rock-hard girl boner! I splash cold water on it, then jerk off trying to get rid of it. My date is just on the other side of the door, knocking to make sure I'm ok as I cum all over my tits and face!! But a futa is never satisfied, and my cock won't go down, so I jerk it again, talking about how good it feels and cumming all over myself one more time. It still won't go down...hmm...maybe I need to take a piss?...To be Continued...