Fart and Pee on Dress

7:28 min - May 14 2016 - .MP4 - 74.07 MB


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We are going out and i am dressed up. But oh-oh, my nail color does not match my dress! I also need to do number two. What to do? I know, i just have my number two in this dress! I take it off and try to wrap it around my bum so i can just let go in it. Oeps! I fart , and it sounds like a wet one! Oh my, it was a wet one i find out! I can not stand strait and let go, so i squad down and try again. I push and push, but again a loud noisy fart comes out! In the close up you can even "see" the fart! I might have been mistaking about the nuber two, and maybe it were just farts bothering me, but i do have to pee very desperate now! I start peeing on the dress so i do not get the whole floor wet. Now i need to find something else to wear.....