Diaper change in the woods

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Candy Woods

American / Candyland
1,385 4.0
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madman965 deleted Jun 1 2016
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loved the part were she starts peeing in her cute panty

(Sorry about the autofocus noise, it was our first time trying to use our Nikon for filming!) Candy is playing in the woods trying to balance on a log when she has the urge to go pee. She starts peeing herself and realizes that she didn't have a diaper on. Uh-oh, she soaked her cute Hello Kitty panties! Good thing Daddy packed a diaper bag hehe. She wipes herself off then lotions and powders her little pussy and bum really well before choosing a Rearz Princess Pink diaper to put on. All changed and dry, she shows off her cute princess diaper butt and wiggles around. She loves wearing diapers outside! :)