[C-Tier] MUKBANG EP1: Stocking Anarchy

52,370 4.9

Lana Rain

American / NYC
52,370 4.9
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EtherWei Mar 26 2017

Sweet girl sweet price!

pikefunal deleted Dec 2 2016

That sweet pussy http://bit.ly/2fR67CJ

Doguemastiff Jul 24 2016

Still getting this. Will review tommorow

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Jul 25 2016
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Lana shows us in this one that even in a non sexual video she can be absolutely amazing! Something that's super great about her is that her cosplays are great and she always fits the character! I really like the idea of this new episodic video series, trust me you'll enjoy this video!

Lana Rain Jul 29 2016

Wow, thank you. I wasn't sure about this one but you have to take risks and create what's fun for you xD. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jul 29 2016
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A bit late on this review/ Was a bit busy with other things.

It was nice to see Lana eating sweets. It fits the character of Stocking Anarchy since she loves sweets so much. A really good attention to detail that Lana brings to the character. I do look forward to see Lana try out other characters and does something that fits the character. If you want to see Lana fit the character she is cosplaying as, gives this video a shot.

IDTheftVictim Jan 5 2017
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The description says [Non-Sexual], but I disagree. With passionate costume design, sultry production values, and a video quality that bares all, Lana Rain will not quit until she is satisfied that her video is the climax of quality.

Gerras deleted Oct 3 2016
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I've never watched a video like this before. But I can say I will watch it again, and again, and again. Too often adult entertainment means quick porn shoots with people either overacting or looking bored.
After having watched two of Lana's vids I can safely say that no matter what the subject she is both professional and fun. She enjoyed making this video and the smile at the end is sweeter than the treats she ate. There is a certain something about Lana that makes watching her bring a smile to my face.
My only issue? I don't know how anyone can eat cookies without milk. :-P

Assholathotekkkh Aug 26 2016
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At first glance, I didn't get this video, but the more I watched it, the more it became an acquired taste, all puns intended. This is one of those videos that you don't get at first glance but it eventually grows on you the more times you watch it.

inticingclover Aug 24 2016
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Not being very familiar with MUKBANG theatrical presentations, I being an altruistic all intrinsic spiritually infatuated and intrigued follower of Lana, knowing she, as a sexual serpentine enchantress, and a creative entrepreneur, would make this an interesting visual sensation. I enjoyed the delicate nature she slightly allowed to flow, through her strong uprightness. Yet, i would have been more enthralled if she unbounded her internal samurai and instead allowed the Geisha within to seduce the food into her invaluable and rare embodiment. Love to you as always through a misty gate i choose not.

Souleater20 Aug 21 2016
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This is something im not really into but over all it is still a well made video. This video made me hungry for some cake and ice cream.

[C-TIER][4K][No-Plot][Non-Sexual] This is my first ever C-Tier video and my first ever MUKBANG video. This also happens to be the my first full 4K upload. I've compressed the bitrate as much as I could without lowering quality too much so if you can't play the video or it plays in slow motion let me know. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| For those that don't know MUKBANG is a concept originating in South Korea where Korean streaming/online celebrities would broadcast or make videos of themselves eating food. As of recent, the concept has turned into many different interpretations. This video is the start of my own version of Mukbang in which I plan on cosplaying different characters who are known to have a specific food or type of food that they love to eat. My version will currently have no vocals involved. This sort of video may not be for everyone so if you're not into watching people eat food, you won't like this.
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