Aching For Ownership

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You have been lost your whole life, searching for some meaning, trying to figure out just who you are until you found me. I helped you accept who you are, encouraged you to embrace your inner submissiveness and gave your sorry little life some meaning. I have totally overpowered your life and you have never looked back. Subconsciously I control your life in every single aspect. Daily life will never be the same, you are utterly devoted to me but it isn't enough. You ache for me, you ache to be my property, to be well and truly owned. You want to devote every single waking second to me, to be my worker and strive to be the very best. I toy with your emotions, I weakened your already broken state and I have you eating out of my hand like a love sick puppy. You want to give me every party of your mind, body, soul and wallet. I deserve everything and you NOTHING in return. Let me fuck with your mind further, let me lure you in deeper and let me corrupt your sense forever.