I Eat Slaves For Breakfast

Lucy Skye

American / USA
4:52 min - May 15 2016 - .MP4 - 277.01 MB


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Last night, I captured you while you snuck into my home. Are you fucking stupid? A tiny man like you, thinking you can trick a GIANTESS??? You have such a tiny brain- it's clear why you make such dumb decisions. Theres no escaping my home now.... and I've just woken up and my tummy is growling. Whats the best way to hide a body? By eating it. Little slave, you snuck into my home and now you will become my next meal. This is the punishment for thinking you can outsmart a powerful, beautiful, and intelligent Giantess Goddess. Say your goodbyes with your last breath as I bite, chew, and consume every piece of you.