Bullied By A Cheerleader

Lucy Skye

American / USA
6:00 min - May 15 2016 - .MP4 - 342.03 MB


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You make it pretty obvious that you have a crush on me. I see you staring at me during class... its actually quite pathetic how infatuated you are with somebody you have NO chance with. I'm the school cheerleading captain... I'm beautiful, popular, and in the cool group at school...Youre nothing but a dumb geek. Always hiding behind books and computers and completely oblivious to the fact that theres no way I will ever, ever be with you But now that I know you are sooo in love with me, I'm going to use it for my own advantage. I'm really strong, esepcially since I'm in all the school sports. It would only take one punch to knock you down to the ground... And if you want to avoid being beaten up and humiliated at school, then you'll have to oblige by every task I present you with. Start with doing ALL my homework. Make sure I get A's... it'll be YOUR responsibility that I graduate at the top of my class. If you fuck this up, I'll most certainly beat the out of you. Take a look at my muscles... And take a look at how you're a skinny, dumb dweeb! You dont want to fuck with me, LOSER!!!!!!!!