Tiny Loser Dick


Lucy Skye

American / USA
8:01 min - May 15 2016 - .MP4 - 457.08 MB


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Listen you need to come to full acceptance that that "package" in between your legs is utterly and completely ridiculous. That is NOT a penis... its WAY too small to even be considered a cock. Your pathetically tiny dick would never, ever please Me or any other woman. The only use you have as a man is to be a tool for entertainment. A joker to have around to laugh at and humiliate, simply because the size of your junk makes you nowhere close to "a man". PFFT! a man??? LOL NO! You are the worst excuse for a man... by having such a small piece of manhood, you have FAILED by holding such a negative amount of masculinity. You.... are nothing... Take your tiny penis and keep it safe from society!