Addicted to Being A Loser

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This is your life now for eternity. To be honest you know nothing else but to submit and enjoy life as a lowly servant to the rest of human kind. This is the life you have had no choice but have come accustom to. A life of being constantly teased, denied and tormented no end. You are addicted to being a loser and you deserve it. It's true, from the first moment you set your desperate little eyes on me you was hooked. I did something to your weakened state that sucked you deep within and it felt good. I could make you do anything, literally anything. You are constantly wrapped around my little finger. A far cry from the 'man' you claim to be. In fact you are nothing more than my little bitch, aren't you. You have no self worth and definitely no dignity. You know yourself as only that of a loser and no more. You are just a complete and utter fucking failure in every single aspect of your life loser.