clay beach
Freebie Tuesday

All Men Are Weak

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Such a desperate addict. You are willing to do anything for one grain of my attention. So stupid, so dumb and just so weak. You can't refuse your feelings when your eyes are set on my hot, curvaceous and totally manipulating curves. My ass makes you tremble with excitement and my juicy cleavage makes you instantly weak at the knees. When can you ever walk away when you are so entrapped in my beauty and power. It's true....women RULE the world. They are the SUPERIOR sex. Men are the weaker sex. Just plain dumb, thinking with their dicks is all they are capable of. They wouldn't be able to live on this earth without women. Weak and stupid for their beauty and dumb for their manipulative, intelligent ways.This is why ALL men are slaves, serving beautiful women and following their every order. What would you bitches do without females? You couldn't. You think with your dick and this is what lands you in lots of trouble. Stupid to the beauty and power that a female holds.