All Mine Now

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This is what you wanted, to completely lose control in every single way possible. To become the property of a Goddess and to be on a constant walk of egg shells. Not knowing when or if your life could come crashing down. If you will wake up tomorrow without a family, without a job and without a life. This is just what you have wanked yourself silly over time and time again. It's obvious that stroking makes you weaker. Put that alongside me and my hot body teasing you in my skimpy lingerie, sounds like a lethal combination. You know you shouldn't buy this clip but you probably will. You know Blackmail makes you weak and you are playing with fire but you will still stroke and jump straight in.Encouraging you to lose yourself in submission is my kind of fun, teasing you to all time lows is my entertainment and blackmail is something you NEED. You need to be controlled, you need to be owned and you need to have that constant anxious feeling it will bring. I want to take advantage of your weakness.Go on, buy this clip. Follow my demands. Stroke yourself silly and lose control to the greatest.