Bankrupted by my Butt

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Come here little ass addict, it makes you weak doesn't it. My juicy ass drives you crazy and makes you so dumb. The power of pert ass is huge. So get on your knees and look up at perfection. Stare deeply and lose control. It's your weakness, it's your obsession and it makes you so uncontrollably horny. You can't help but fixate your eyes, it draws you in, traps you and you love it. You can't explain what it is but my ass ambushes your every thought. That preview gif lured you in, in an instant. It put you under a trance, a spell that weakness your senses and encourages you to lose your mind to my ass.Taking your cash is effortless, one look at my juicy ass and you are haemorrhaging cash my way. You are easy prey, so easy to have wrapped round my little finger and spending away. You know in order to worship me, you must pay. Handing over your cash in the hope for any kind of humiliating attention makes your dick throb in anticipation but tributes just isn't enough. I want to see your financial decline. Teasing you into complete financial turmoil. I want it all and more, I want you to into debt and to completely bankrupt yourself for ME. You hate yourself each time you pay. You hate to pay me but you can't help it, it's embedded deep into your head that your cash is mine.