One Hell of a Ride!

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American / Texas
7,147 4.8
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Immagetmine - Top reviewer Feb 5 2017
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Great video, Love the action...Lucky Man!

lazeboy - Top reviewer Aug 17 2016
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Concur with the other reviews. Love seeing you get fucked and riding like this.

tactical - Top reviewer Jul 24 2016
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Single camera, fixed view, but it is perfectly placed for a full view of her entire posterior. Starts out with the performer in an extremely sexy bra and thong conducting some foreplay. She masterfully shakes her enormous ass on her male partner's groin. We eventually get to see her take her underwear set off and she puts her fine pussy in that gentleman's face for a while. His dick realizes how good life is about to become, and she climbs on his dick and rides the living shit out of it until he leaves a nice helping of semen inside of her.

I'm a big fan of cowgirl combined with creampies, so this does the trick for me. Some things I would have liked to see would be an actual shot of the creampie and its aftermath, along with a bit better lighting.

pornboy949 Jul 8 2016
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when will we be getting more? this is perfect

kaesoner Jun 14 2016
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BEST VIDEO EVER! In fact, all her videos with a bbc are the best videos on this site!

With a view from behind, this sexy clips starts out seductive and passionate. I bend in for a kiss, then straddle his BBC…soon kisses and grinding quickly turns even naughtier… I straddle his face and he pulls me forward, so he can lick and suck on my pussy. I begin to throb and get so wet. Now, I want his thick cock deep inside me! He guides his cock inside and I move over to straddle him again… grinding my ass and curvy hips to slide him in as deep as possible. I seductively ride… working his cock so good as I get wetter and wetter… I can feel his cock growing and getting rock hard. I ride and bounce hard taking in every inch. He thrusts hard as I bounce…harder and harder! I can feel him bury his load deep inside my tight pussy and I keep riding and bouncing until I cant take it anymore and cum so hard!