Donna Gets Fat



American / England
15:14 min - May 16 - .WMV - 251.45 MB


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::This was a custom clip for a fan:: "You have your blonde hair pulled back in a sporty ponytail. You're wearing your tight workout outfit - black sportbra, black yoga pants and running shoes. You start working out and quickly discover that you're out of breath. That's funny... you stop and catch your breath... you wonder why you've been so tired lately. You decide that's enough for one day. You say "skipping one little workout won't hurt." You strip off your clothes and stand nude and barefoot in front of a full-length mirror. You catch a glimpse of your reflection from the side and stop to stare. "Looks like you've packed on a few pounds Donna," you mutter, running your hands over your curves. You grab your belly and give it a hefty jiggle. You squeeze your love handles too and comment on your muffin top. "I've definitely gained weight here," you notice, rubbing the soft flesh all around your middle. "It's those all-you-can-eat buffets in Cuba... I think these vacations are making me fat." You sigh and start to get ready to go out. Your hair is down past your shoulders now. You sit on the edge of your bed and slip your bare feet into your skimpy panties, sliding them up your sexy legs. You make a comment about your legs looking a little thicker. You squeeze them and slap them together. You say "look at my thunder thighs" and talk about how your cellulite is spreading and getting lumpy and bumpy as you slap your big hips. You stand and pull your panties up all the way, doing a little dance as you wiggle them up over your ass. You glance over your shoulder and say "I think my butt got bigger." You anxiously reach for a protein bar (or some other snack if you prefer) and tear it open. "I'm such an emotional eater but I just can't stop stuffing my face," you say with your mouth full. "If I keep pigging out like this I'm going to blow up like a whale!" Next you put on your tight bra and it feels too small. You hook the straps together and your boobs are bulging right out over and under the cups. "My tits feel so heavy," you complain, bouncing them up and down. "At least some of the calories are going straight to my chest." You take a sip of red wine from a nearby glass and decide what to wear for your night out. You pick out a tight pair of denim jeans and a black sleeveless top to go with black strap-up open-toed shoes (or high heels). You step into your pants but as you pull them up you realize they don't fit anymore! You groan and jump up and down and yank on the waistband but you can't get them up any higher than your thighs! "Oh no!" you exclaim. "These are size 14! I can't believe I outgrew my size 14s!" No matter how hard you try, grunting and huffing and puffing, you can't zip them up or fasten the buttons. You leave the pants on as far as they will go and pull your black top down over your head. You tug on the bottom to hide your belly but it keeps riding back up again. "This shirt used to fit me!" you say, pushing in your cleavage. "Now it doesn't even cover my belly button!" You sit on the bed and your stomach rolls out into your lap. You frantically lean in and try to strap your shoes on but to your dismay they don't fit either. "Even my feet are getting fatter!" you cry. "Oh no they're getting too wide! What am I going to do? My toes are plumping up like little sausages... I'm getting cankles... this is a nightmare!" You undress and throw your pants and shirt on the floor then take off your bra, standing there in your stretched-out panties. You stomp your feet in frustration and take another sip of wine. "What's happening to me?" you wonder out loud as you approach the mirror. You pinch the baby fat on your cheeks and see how round your pretty face is becoming. You play with your double chin too. "Donna you really let yourself go." You jiggle your soft arm flab and lift up your arms and shake them. You fondle your big boobs and talk about how your nipples look like they're getting bigger and spreading out like pancakes. "I can't even see my toes!" you exclaim as you try to peek over your huge breasts in front of you. You grab your back fat and the rolls of blubber on your sides. You sob when you discover that your body is covered with stretch marks. You measure the width of your hips and butt with your hands and look shocked when you see them out in front of you. You bend over and shake your big booty and give your fat ass a playful slap. "I need to go on a diet before I get even fatter!" you decide. "I don't want to be 1,500 pounds!!"