Blackmail The Movie 2

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Lilian Stepfather knows a secret about her that he has been using to blackmail her. Since then she has been giving him footjobs as he request and promises that he won’t tell her mother about her secret. Now 5 months as passed and stress has been getting to Lilian and her best friend Saki has took notice of it. So Saki has decided to sneak her out to a night club to take her mind off of things. Not knowing that her Stepfather has been keeping an eye out on the two of them. Since he is a police officer he has also been stalking Saki and now he has finally found the opportunity to get them both. He followed them into the Alley and backed them into the corner. Lilian’s Stepfather said that he would tell Saki her secret, but Saki decided to step up and protect Lilian and requested that she would take her place and give in to whatever demands he want in order to protect her secret. How will this end?