Raquel Roper has a Very Ticklish "Kitty"



American / Central Fl
9:44 min - May 16 - .MP4 - 123.36 MB


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This sure as been a day of firsts for Raquel Roper. From the violet wand to the Ball and chain tickler. Now we end with her spread eagle, her legs spread wide. Exposing a spot on her that she has NEVER has tickled before! Her facial expressions and reactions are a lot of fun to watch as the very stiff feather traces around and over, as a friend of ours calls it, the "Vajayjay" Raquel jumps and squeaks with every touch, whether the tip of the feather flicks quickly or glides gently. She is a true delight to have with us here and we look forward to the time we have her back!