Broke for My Boobs

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You are a total weak loser around me. You cannot contain your horny excitement and you cannot resist my hot body. My big, round cleavage does something unexplained to your brain. It melts you, weakens you and triggers every single submissive trait in you.Taking your cash is effortless, one look at my juicy ass and you are haemorrhaging cash my way. You are easy prey, so easy to have wrapped round my little finger and spending away. You ache to be ruined by my tits, to be utterly owned, devoted and corrupted by such powerful beauty makes your dick rage with excitement. I want to see your financial decline. Teasing you into complete financial turmoil. I want it all and more, I want you to into debt and to completely bankrupt yourself for ME. You hate yourself each time you pay. You hate to pay me but you can't help it, it's embedded deep into your head that your cash is mine. My tits control you, they tempt you to new lows and tease you to new highs. Sat in a pool of loser drool you cannot remove your eyes from me, I have sucked you in and you love it.