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**custom vid details** Scenario You are teacher and have to keep me after class because I have been staring at your tits. You help me w/my "problem". I am new to masturbating, you guide me thru it, and I have not seen a naked woman before. General Dirty talk throughout video Use name "Brad" periodically Use tits, cunt, ass etc. to describe body Talk about how you want to get me hard Tell not to cum until the end of video Make stroking gestures w/hand once in awhile Tell me you know how good it feels to stroke cock Wear hair up at start and take down Tell me how to stroke my cock Pace I should stroke my cock "Not too fast. I don't want you to cum yet", etc. Low Cut Top 0-5 minutes: Showing cleavage Tell me I have to stay after class and ask me if I know why. It is because I have been staring at your "breasts" Say it's normal and you understand. You're going to help me but this has to be "our secret" Ask if I have ever seen naked woman before Strip off top, bra, skirt and panties 6-18 minutes: Tell me how you know it gets me hard when you do this and it's normal Tug on nipples Squeeze and fondle tits sensuously Talk about what you are doing and how I should get my cock out "it's okay to stroke it", etc. Spit on tits and rub in Suck on tits/nipples (if you can) Play w/belly button Talk about precum, etc. Tell me you'd like me to stick tip of cock in belly button (Would like to see a lot of tit play and talking about what you are doing) 19-22 minutes: Tit fuck w/dildo (start slow and get faster) Put forearm under tits to prop up Talk about me tit fucking you, etc. Tell me to build up stroking pace Tell me how you know I want to cum but don't stroke too fast because I have to wait until you cum and then I can 23 - 30 minutes: Spread cunt and tell me you'd like me deep inside and squeeze muscles Tell me you'd squeeze my cock until you "milked out" all my cum Fuck yourself w/dildo reverse cowgirl & jiggle tits (facing camera) Fuck yourself w/dildo while on back showing pussy and asshole (missionary) and jiggle tits Tell me to get ready when it's time to cum and how hard you want me stroke my cock Keep pace w/you Towards end of video cum loudly while using dildo and tell me how good it feels Spread pussy and pucker and finger asshole(optional if you don't do it) and tell me now is time to "stroke hard" to get off Tell me when to cum and you want me to blow on pussy and asshole Give countdown from 20 and moan and urge me to cum Tell me you were glad to help me and I can stay after class any time I need help w/my problem