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Why does your wife insist on having these boring dinner parties all the time? Good thing we quietly slipped upstairs into your bedroom because I have some news that will change your life! Sitting across from you at all these dinner parties I have secretly been fantasizing about you. I know your wife treats you like shit. You guys probably don't even have sex anymore do you? well I want you to leave her and be with me! go pack your bags and leave her tonight! I have a life planned for us that includes daily fucks and blow jobs! Let's travel the world and explore new sexual adventures together....I can't wait to ride that huge cock of yours! Let's do it right now right here on your bed before you leave your wife.....only one thing can stand in the way of us being together......a teeny tiny small dick is a deal breaker for me but I'm sure you don't have one right? pull down your pants....wait wtf is that..??.....