Controlled Euphoria

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Control is what you need, intoxicati on is what makes you even weaker than ever. Can you handle this intense mind fucking, soul weakening sexy controlled intox? I want to push you deeper into submission, I want to corrupt your senses and I want your head to be filled with me, me,me me. You are constantly looking for any opportunity to lose yourself, forget who you really are and embrace your inner submissiveness. Getting high on nitrates is just another lowly avenue you turn to. To be controlled with every sniff by a powerful, dominant G0d like me makes you feel good, invincible and hard. I will be controlling your every inhale, every stroke and guiding you step by step into deep submission and getting you high as fuck. Your mind will be warped, you will be overpowered. Horny, confused and broken. A weak, addicted loser who will be left wanting nothing more than to serve me. I will control your every inhale, you will repeat after me and you will follow my command. Grab your bottle of (Alkyl Nitrates) and prepare yourself for the ultimate control and seduction. I am going to gradually train you physically and mentally via those nitrates. This session is intense and you will follow my every demand and show sheer obedience. Open, sniff and show your true obedience pet