Convincing Cleavage

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Princess Emma's huge, natural assets are adored my millions. She graces national and worldwide newspapers and has many a men drooling over her perfect tits. Being the loser that you are, you know you can only worship from afar. Those tits you dream of are so far out of reach. Her tits make you want to spend, one peek and you are reaching for your credit card. Emma's curvaceous chests urges you to self destruct, to embrace that cash pig deep within. You mindlessly spend, you don't know why but it feels good and it's the right thing to do. I want to see you drool hard today, I want to see just how weak I make you. Teased and tormented to the highest level possible you will be left just wanting more than ever. You may be here to get your daily dose of my ass but you will be left conditioned to crave my tits more than you ever thought possible.