Desperate For Promotion

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With jobs hard to come by today and the economy being at an all time low, given the opportunity of a promotion is scarce. As you are given the opportunity to prove yourself you jump at the chance. Walking bolding into the office of your female boss you have prepared all the right things to say.As you enter, you are greeted with a mean looking boss, not the normal happy face. You are ordered to your knees in submission. Confused and feeling weak you do as you are told. Before you know it you are being verbally mocked and ordered to lick your boss' dirty heels. You are so eager to get promotion you do as she says. As your mouth is full with a pantyhose clad foot you boss gives you a pitiful laugh. Looking down at you. Does this excite you? From the bulge in your trousers it looks that way! You lick, worship and smell your boss superior feet. Where is this going to lead?