Easy Stroke Black mail

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What are you waiting for? You have had that email in your drafts just waiting for you to press SEND. How many times have you hovered over that button but freaked out? BUT, how badly do you ache for ownership, how much does blackmail turn you on? How horny and weak does the thought of possibly loosing it all make you feel? AMAZING! You have been skirting around the whole blackmail subject for a while. Dipping your toe in to test the water but getting shivers of fear down your spine controlling your thoughts. I want you to forget all about that today, I want you to erase any thoughts you have and listen to my words. Your dick throbs at the thought of finally losing control to me, to feel powerless and constantly anxious but yet horny. Im going to make it very easy for you to enter this world you ache to so bad. Go tot this site http://ss.deviatenow dot com/mailtimer.php enter your email, then mine and then of course a really humiliating picture and set that timer and look at me. Let me take control of your cock, stroke to my hot body and lose your self. I will completely distract you, you will totally forget about that timer ticking down. You must do everything I say and stroke yourself silly and let your fate be in my hands.