Encouraging Your Addiction

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Encouraging your Addiction HD +1 Tweet Share Your addiction has already well and truly absorbed your life. Femdom is the bain of your life, everything is centered around your obsession with hot, powerful women. There really is no escape. When you see me, I weaken you further if that is even possible. I turn you mind to mush and I make you hard like never before. You can't think straight and lose all self-worth. I know how to push your buttons and I sure do know how to encourage your out of control addiction grow further. You were completely lost in life until you found me and now you are hooked and there is no way out. I am your life, Femdom is your everything and I want to push you further than ever before. How far will you go, what will you do, you want to feel that feeling of losing control and you ache to be bitched by me. Lose yourself and your dignity. Voice effects added.