Slippery Foot Massage In Gloves

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I’ve been on my poor little feet all day and they ache and they’re in need of some TLC. As you’re not here to give them a nice little rub, I’ll just have to do it myself! I’ve got the lotion but I’ve also got something else too…my latex medical gloves. I find my hands just slip over my lubricated skin so much more, adding to the enjoyment. I slide my hands into the gloves before dripping lashing of lotion all over my feet, the more lotion the better too! Rubbing it in all over the tops, the soles & in between my toes. As my gloved hands massage in the cream you can hear it squelch and squish. Don’t you wish you were here? Reach out….you can almost touch them! INCLUDES: ENGLISH MISTRESS, FOOT FETISH, GLOVE FETISH, FOOT MASSAGE, BAREFOOT, HAND FETISH & FEMDOM