Fag Training

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Embrace it, it's no secret. Dick is what gets you off, it makes you horny and it makes you weak. Stroking to cock gives you such a satisfying feeling. You have always tried so hard to keep your fag tendencies at bay but the powerful orgasm you feel when worship big meaty cocks has totally overpowered you. I am going to train you into the biggest, cock sucking fag in town. You will ache for a big load down your throat at any possible opportunity. You will beg to suck cock, any cock. You have always have an underlying desire to suck cock and today I want you to embrace it. Your mouth waters and you have to stroke, as I tease you and humiliate you it feels so good. I encourage any kind of interest of curiosity in cock and corrupt you completely into the inner fag you truly are. You will feel degraded, dirty and pathetic just what I want. It will remind you of your worthlessness. You will be used, abus ed and treated like fuck slut and handing over your wages to me will make all the pain worthwhile. A broken, cock craving slut if your virtue in life now so open wide bitch boy.