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Jerk To My Ass

1,312 5.0
1,312 5.0
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Kworld Feb 22

Great ass love that nail color too

maliciousjester - Top reviewer Aug 8
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A simple yet very effective fantasy joi to get your imagination going. The dirty talk makes it feel personal and that ass is perfect.

DrBrule04 - Top reviewer Apr 19
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Great dirty talk, I hope to hear more of it and even dirtier in future videos.

Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Sep 10 2016
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Work is an after thought after seeing this ass. Anything would be actually. A perfect ass to fantasize for a JOI video. She spreads it over and over to see those 2 glorious holes. And when it's not spread, that ass swallows her gstring. Her instructions will have you making sure to follow just to hear her voice as much as possible.

pops3286 - Top reviewer Aug 30 2016
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Some incredible ass spreading to be seen and dirty talking to be heard with a price you can't say no to. Do yourself a favor and pick this video up.

Xfinneyx Jul 8 2016
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you have no idea how much i want to lick that spread

You have a TON of work to do, but are plagued with thoughts of fucking. Let me help you get those thoughts at bay as I instruct you to jerk off until you blow a hot load on my fat ass