Let Mommy Bathe You



German / Florida
9:53 min - May 18 - .MP4 - 243.67 MB


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I told you darling that you needed proper safety gear when skateboarding! Now look at you! Two broken arms! You are a very lucky boy that mommy loves you and can take good care of you in every way!!! I have to feed you and bathe you! Just relax honey. This is just a bath...mommy will wash your privates darling and don't worry, it's just standard routine. Oh no! You are getting aroused baby. Is mommy's touch that arousing? Do you like mommy's hand down there? Let Mommy touch you more honey so you don't have to go to bed with that raging boner. Mommy will get naked and sit in the tub with you to help relieve that aching hard on. Mommy wants to stroke your cock...just tell mommy exactly how it feels good, baby just cum in the water and mommy will clean you up. I love you! ENJOY!