Freebie Tuesday

Bella Ink pisses her satin panties



Canadian / Las Vegas
4:48 min - May 16 - .WMV - 151.68 MB


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Slim sexy socialite Bella Ink is hobbling home already clenching her sexy legs together and grabbing her crotch area when she's confronted by a robber in her home! She's so shocked she drops her purse & keys and is so terrified. She thinks it's mistaken identity since she has no valuables in her house at all & is trying to plead with the robbers. She's begging and BEGGING to use the bathroom as she's wearing expensive high heels & high cut satin panties that she doesn't want pee all over. Her legs are shaking uncontrollably as a strong pee stream is coming out of her pantied crotch & she's horrified she couldn't hold it! It's splashing loudly on the tile underneath her & she's almost crying in shame & fear. She ruined her very expensive heels & designer satin panties. The robbers realize they're in the wrong house & run off. Super cute behind the scenes with Bella as we talk about the scene & she seduces you with her sexy pissy satin panties and we talk about how YELLOW the pee is!