Freebie Tuesday

Tutu Anal Pleasures in HD


Brooklyn Kate

American / Louisiana
8:53 min - May 16 - .MP4 - 920.13 MB

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Hi guys! In this clip I am wearing a lime green tutu and long thigh high socks! I start the clip by teasing you with my big new titties, my fat ass and my camel toed pussy. I spread it for you and shake my ass for you for the first 2 or so minutes and then I get to it! I start by fingering my ass hole and I get out my finger held vibrator and I keep at it, all while moaning and talking dirty you a little. Then after I cum I spank my ass and twerk, shake it for you and then I give you 2 minutes of an extreme close up of my pink sweet pussy, I spread it for you and I clench it as well so that you can see it : ) Then I end the clip! ** ALL OF MY CLIPS ARE BUY ANY 1 GET 1 FREE