Special Anal Medicine For Mommy

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503 4.0
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_K_dog_ Jan 11 2017
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very nice!

next time use a thermometer! i buy that for sure!!! :-)

I am feeling very under the weather. I have been having night sweats, fever, and vomiting. I call you in my room to give me some medicine, rectally since I can't keep anything down. But you have secretly changed the medicine to make me crave your hard, young cock ....ANALLY! You come in and I remove my satin robe, which I soaked with night sweats. I get up on all fours and stick my hot round ass in your face. Your cock begins throbbing at the sight of mommy's tight ass ...you are busting out of your PJ's wanting to give your secret medicine to me. You assist me with the injection right into my ass and within minutes I am begging you to stick your hard cock inside me! MOMMY wants your cock in my ass! That is the right medicine for Mommy! ENJOY