Impregnation Fantasy

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7,875 5.0
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Lazram May 19 2016

This video is going to be a guaranteed favorite. Impregnation fantasy as it's best with one Gorgeous, Voluptuous woman as your breeder! I dare you not to fall in love with her eyes.

porkdog - Top reviewer May 18 2016
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She looks amazing in that red dress holy fuck. Subject of this vid is great acting too.

Itor Maidakopf - Top reviewer Nov 15 2016
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This... might be the sexiest thing I've ever watched. Forget what you know about mythology - AthenaBlaze is the true goddess of fertility. I didn't know I was into impregnation fantasies until I found my cock throbbing at her dirty talk in the first two minutes while she was still fully clothed. Amazing video all-around, featuring great acting and thoughtful, vivifying lighting and camera work, including beautiful close-ups of Athena and especially her pussy as she fills it with her realistic dildo.

^.^^.^^.^^.^ Why thank you ;) hehehe

Get your hot nut so far inside my pussy and make me pregnant. You love when I'm pregnant, and you love what pregnancy does to my body. Let me fulfill your fantasy by allowing you to get me pregnant