Amelia Dire takes the Bikini Challenge



American / Central Fl
11:29 min - May 17 2016 - .MP4 - 239.65 MB


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Now we have the ticklish Amelia Dire in her bikini as she prepares for the next challenge. She must hold the top strap in her mouth while being tickled of course. ;) If she opens her mouth, well you can guess what happens. We also add an additional twist, we tie the strings on her bottom part of her bikini, so that if she moves too much they will come untied! It is fun watching her try to keep from moving and laughing so she doesn't become, as we can say, "more exposed" lol We start to see her sneakiness and brattiness start to come out during this clip. It wasn't until I had reviewed this clip and the following ones, that she was making faces every time out back was turned. It just goes to show that she is very determined. (And make for cute clips lol)