Your Shy Friends Feet

127 5.0

Eliza Wood

American / Connecticut
127 5.0
7:18 min - May 17 - .MP4 - 433.29 MB


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Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Oct 6 2016
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If you know Eliza well enough then you know that "shy" is one of the LAST words you'd use to describe her, but you ALSO know how well she can roleplay and she pulls the shyness off in the clip with high marks. This video is essentially a foot fetish wet dream!!! If that sounds good to you then grabbing the one up is essentially a no-brainer!

Bobdabuilder Aug 26 2016
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i loved the vid. its my favorite so far. absolutely love your feet and you telling me to cum on them mmm mm mmm

Bde6565 Jun 4 2016
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Eliza is so sexy and in control in foot fetish vids. Loved it.

Your BBW friend Eliza has been texting you pics of her feet for a while, but now she wants to get a better idea of what your foot fetish is really like. She shyly agrees to tease you, stripping out of her socks and sneakers, sniffing them, and wiggling her toes in your face. She's surprised how much it turns her on to watch you stroke for her, and even pulls up her shirt to rub her belly and big tits for you until you cum on her wrinkled soles!