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Nerdy Girl Gets POV Wedgies and Groped

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652 5.0
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A cute nerdy girl is laying on her bed reading a book when a bully comes in and in his POV asks what she is doing. She tells him she is reading and he says that is good since he has a book report due and he needs her to do it for him. When she says no he knocks her book out of her hands and throws her eyeglasses on the floor. When she bends over to get them he reaches in the back of her jeans and grabs a hold of her fullback panties and pulls as hard as he can. This gives her a huge wedgie and reveals the fact that she is wearing cartoon panties to which he teases her for. She continues to say she will not do his book report for him and he keeps giving her major wedgies as a result, even pushing her back on the bed to really get hold of her panties. Finally, after several wedgies she agrees to do his book report. He leaves and she fixes her panties. Next, the nerd is seen resting whit her eyes closed. The bully is not happy and goes right over to her giving her a huge POV wedgie. But, this time she does not even budge. It looks like she is used to the wedgies so she is not rousing. This gives the bully and idea. She may be a nerd, but she is a hot nerd, so he flips her over and gives her a frontal wedgie to make sure she stays resting. When she does, he pulls her shirt up and starts to grope her bra covered big tits. He then pulls her pants down and flips her back on her tummy where he fixes the wedgie and then gropes her tight ass under her panties. Finally, he wants to make sure his work is getting done. So, he pulls her pants back up and gives her a supersonic wedgie that finally rouses her. She is angry and calls him a pervert, but he makes it clear she had better do his work for him. Before he leaves he pulls on last time on the cartoon panties making a wedgie so big that her face tells the story. He leaves once more and she again is faced to deal with the panties that are now deep up her ass as a wedgie. Included in this clip: Wedgies, Panty Fetish, Jeans Fetish, Bra Fetish, Groping, POV, POV Wedgies, Bully, Nerd, Nerdy Girl, Eyeglasses, Major Wedgies, Cartoon Panties, Fullback Panties, Big Tits, Tight Asses, Blondes