Forever In Your Dreams!

7:08 min - May 17 2016 - .MP4 - 219.41 MB


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Hello slave and welcome back to my new powerful and h***otic Clip! I want to Induce you into a deep t****e...I want to train you to became a perfect slave...follow my sensual voice, watch every single movement of my body...everything now look so different, amazing and powerful! You are under my control, look at my perfect long dark nails, my perfect pink outfit. I want to give you all the happiness that you deserve, look at the screen and keep should do everything i want...gimme your soul, your love, you money, you don't need need ME , your only GOD. #Erotic Magic, #Financial Domination, #Magic Control, #Mind Fuck, #Hyp-Meditation, #Blonde Goddess, #Mental Domination, #Brainwash Fantasy, #Mindwash, #h***otic induction,