Harley Quinn Gets Finger Fucked

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17,687 5.0
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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 29 2016
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HOT role play! I don't know how any one can last though this video. I hope she does more cosplay soon. Loved it, she'd make a fantastic sub to either a male or female dom. I think she'd have men reaching for their Viagra or 911 if they don't have a strong heart. :))

My schedule doesn't allow me to see her cam so this will have to do.

Gefogef - Top reviewer Sep 9 2016
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Lena dressed up as Harley Quinn oozes sex appeal. With the makeup and hair done so perfectly. Harley Quinn comes alive in her first boy/girl sex scene and this is a video you won't want to miss. At first on all fours facing away from the camera she invites her captor to pleasure her which he is more than happy to do (who wouldn't) then as she turns over you can see her sweet trimed pussy ready to be eaten one bite at a time. I would tell you the ending but why spoil the surprise. Youll be glad I didn't. Worth every penny.

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Every comic book reader has wanted to do this to Harley Quinn and with the Suicide Squad movie even mainstream guys want to make Harley Squirm for them

After breaking free from her handcuffs, Harley Quinn seduces a guard to lick and finger fuck her pussy and ass. This is my second ever boy/girl video so enjoy!! ;) Give it a 5 star rating after purchasing and get my snapchat free!