Robot Teacher Becomes Your Bimbo Bot



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Ms. Silver is your very strict and somewhat frumpy English instructor, Once again, she's dressed in a loose white blouse and long skirt. Why doesn't she show off those hot, long legs shes hiding? Makes school so damn boring. Today's discussion is about Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism, and you are far from interested. Instead. you want to try out this new app your nerd friend showed you. He said that it could control women with the touch of a button, but you didn't believe first. Now, it's like this prude of a teacher is his own bimbo-bot! He makes her clothes shrink, makes her do a sexy dance with her ass in his face, and then, after getting angry and dismissing the class, she tells him that she's going to give him all A's on every paper AND be his own personal sex slave!