Nude Squirting Wrinkled Sole LIcking (Jo

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Stella Liberty

American / Los Angeles
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Zmanfive Jun 21

Oh woooooow! Naked Stella Liberty. Please don't delete this. I need to save money to buy it because I am a poor boy. Your feet are some of the craziest!

Give me till end of the year I want to buy this before then.

matthews9876 Jul 4 2016

your breasts r beautiful!

OrangMahn - Top reviewer Feb 8 2017
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WOW...what an awesome video! Stella is BY FAR the best foot fetish model around, and the best feet licker too. She is also an amazing dirty feels like she is talking to you as if you are right there in the same room. This video has 3 outstanding scenes with the feet licking, breasts close up with LOTS of spit, and a masturbating/squirting scene. Stella's pussy sounds so wet, it's amazing. This video is definitely worth the price of admission, a MUST have.

Stella Liberty Feb 8 2017

so glad you liked this one! A rarity to see me nude! Thanks for picking it up! xoxo

Watch me lick my wrinkled soles, cover them with spit, and spit all over my tits. I'm so horny for you baby and I love it when you watch me suck my toes and get them all sloppy for you. I spit all over my pussy too and then masturbate until I squirt all over my perfect feet.