Acrylic Nail CBT with Azure Goddess

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
10:02 min - May 17 - .MP4 - 122.32 MB


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I'm all dressed up in a skull dress and My pretty satin underbust corset. I call My caged pig to Me- I wonder if he wants to be let out of chastity? Of course he does. But I have him nice and brainwashed to not expect to come- in fact he knows I've recently gotten My nails done and catches on quick that he'll be let out- for Me to ballbust him and dig My new acrylic nails into his balls! I tease him, bite him, but mostly I fuck with his poor, pathetic balls- he won't have them forever since I plan on snipping them so he might as well enjoy the pain while he can have it! Close up views from My cell phone mixed in with My HD camera.