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Freebie Tuesday

Real Estate Agent Pisses Outside



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I'm your eager Real Estate agent, and today we've looked at several properties already. "Just one more" I say, as we around to the back of a derelict-looking building. You're unsure of why we're here, as this doesn't look like the luxury condo you were expecting. I convince you to just get out of the car and take a look. You stare, shocked, as I remove my sensible work pants. As I open my blazer, you gaze at my large, round tits poking out of a leather-edged dress. Just what is going on here? I suck my fingers, one, two, then three in my mouth at once. You can't help it - your hand moves to your cock and you pull it out of your pants to stroke.I squat down for a piss on the concrete floor. You're turned on, watching my stream make a huge puddle. You really never expected this from your Real Estate agent! My pussy is pink and wet, and I can't stand it anymore, I just have to touch that throbbing clit.I pull up my skirt, tease you with my plump, round ass, and slide an eager finger inside as you watch, jerking frantically. You will also enjoy adding Outdoor Naughtiness and Pee Compilation Outdoors While Camping to your Molly Silver video collection.