Small Teen Fucks Me

8,162 4.9
8,162 4.9
12:18 min - May 18 2016 - .MP4 - 350.20 MB


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that guy looks like a total loser. good thing hes not someone you know

1) this is an incredibly rude and unnecessary comment 2) obviously i know them if I'm fucking them.

small1sh Sep 13 2016

Was it a sympathy fuck? How small?

FrenchLickIndiana - Top reviewer Jun 13
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Eva is sooo hot & you get such a FULL range of benefits here: cocksucking in her cute winter hat, her love of cock in her face shining through; a pretty sexy lil guy with a nice dick; Eva getting cock-drunk while bangin hard doggy-style, a VERY underrated fun thing to see, to be found in a few great vids like this one.

Idj1488 Apr 24
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no one gets my dick hard like eva

Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Feb 9
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They should show this in hs health day you too may be able to have a hot woman like this. Damn, what a lucky fuck! Prob the best moment of his life.

shygeek42 Jul 11 2016
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Eva is beautiful and I love hearing her cute squeals of pleasure

_Watts - Top reviewer Nov 21
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A rare b/g scene by her. Very amateurish, but that’s a good thing. And as always very hot.

HLWhittendale Aug 26 2016
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Super hot video!!! Very well shot, love the angles!

Intimate encounter with a small-cocked teen who wants so bad to please me. This vid is 2 years old and very amateur, lots of different angles & hot profile shots but also some rough editing. They pound my pussy and I squeal and make adorable noises the whole time. The last two minutes I get fingerfucked til I cum and pull their fingers outta my pussy and suck them off because I love the taste of my cum! Shoutout all the teens out there with small dicks who know how to please a woman with their rough hands
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