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Your Micro Penis is Totally Disgusting!

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Oh baby dick, I feel bad for you, I really do. It must really suck having such a pathetic penis attached to your body. You got dealt like the worse hand ever when the universe was handing out dicks! I feel bad enough for you that I am going to let you stroke your worthless little pencil dick for me so go ahead and pull it out. Take your 2 fingers and start stroking while you are staring at my beautiful pregnant body. That's right, stroke your tiny micro penis.... EWWW! Now that I look at it, I remember just how disgusting it really is. Gross, your penis is absolutely yuck. You know, I was feeling bad for you until I saw it and remembered how pathetic it really is. You truly do have the ugliest most pathetic baby dick ever. I don't even want you stroking for my sexy body anymore... something that disgusting should not be allowed to cum for my sexiness. Put your cock up loser, no more stroking for this sexy goddess!

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