Pokemon Body Paint Wash

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1,909 5.0
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tx6294 - Top reviewer Oct 10 2016
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Watching Kat in the shower as the body paint slowly comes off, is just sexy. Kat has an incredible body which should be admired.

NiteshadowJones Jul 29 2016
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Body paint and Kat Flaming hot combo, cool it off with a sexy shower... flame on!

madwookiee Jun 26 2016
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While this is not a type of video I'm usually interested in, Kat made me interested in this one. How could i resist seeing this beautiful woman rubbing her wet naked body? Everybody should definitely get this video. You won't regret it.

liamindc - Top reviewer Mar 5 2016
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A wonderful transformation all Pokemon fans can enjoy

After being painted to look like Misty from Pokemon for a photoshoot, I decided to film my shower afterwards. Watch as the clothing literally washes right off my body. I go from fully clothed to nude as the water strips the clothing from my skin.