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Brother Blackmailed Into Sucking Dick

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Hey baby bro, just wanted to check in on you because I'm noticing how out of shape and what a loser you are becoming. Are there even any girls interested in you at school?  Wait, are you even interested in any girls? Are you gay?  Haha, come on, no straight man goes as long as you not getting laid.  Let me prove my theory on you w/ my strapon.  I see how you are looking at it.  Do you want to suck it? Do you want taste it?  Do you want your big sis to cock slap you with it? Hahaha, exactly what I thought, you are hard in first few seconds and your big sister is ALWAYS right!  You are such a big flamer fagot, but its ok your secret is safe with me.  I'm going to just need a few photos and videos for collateral, and if you don't want me telling mom and dad, then you are going to do everything I say!  Be ready for a lot of stroking and sucking for the camera baby bro, you are so fucked now. HAHAHA

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