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Gaberiella Sep 25 2016

Very cool concept! I love out of the box stuff like this! xoxo

soulless Aug 23 2016

did you realy fap on twitch

QW1Kgaming Jun 11 2016

God damn I love watching you <3<3<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 fuckkkkkkkk

Jpkobe84 May 24 2016

Well you.and a very nice pussy

scorpinox Sep 16 2016
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I loved the forgetting aspect of the video. It's perfectly likely this could happen, and to have such a hot woman forget to turn off her stream and see her masturbate is amazing!!!

Myritj Jul 9 2016
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I enjoyed this vid felt like I was in the chat room I was digging the scene also

JFRY13 Mar 15 2017
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love it would love to see another one

prassets - Top reviewer Jan 26 2017
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Nice video! I hope this is what all girls do after they end their streams

lskippyl deleted - Top reviewer Aug 22 2016
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sensualking Aug 13 2016
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I love your streams Nova! This one is extra special! I'm so happy I found your work. I bought a bunch of videos and can't believe I've been living without knowing about this content for so long. Please do more gaming videos!

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Jun 1 2016
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Nova always has the best twitch stream. Even if she's unaware she's streaming. ;) Can't wait to see more!

Stressa May 27 2016
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Nova does it again. A sequel to her first Hearthstone twitch video, this one does not disappoint also. Again, the creativity and originality is great. You see the scene she is getting off to throughout, which could be an added bonus for some. BG isn't my thing but I just focused on Nova, Nothing more to say than it ends in an eye-rolling, intense orgasm with nothing but her fingers (a personal favorite).

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS THE HIGHEST VIEWED VIDEO ON MANYVIDS!!!! AND ANOTHER 5 STAR VIDEO** I always strive to produce the highest-quality, most exclusive, most mind-blowing Asian XXX Content! Nova Patra has been flagged and was given a second chance to not be banned on Twitch since her previous incident (Hearthstone Slut: Holy Nova). She learns but her clumsiness does not save her this time. She makes the mistake of thinking that she had already turned her stream off. She comes back horny and in need to masturbate. Little does she know that her stream was never turned off! She goes searching for her favorite porn and she faps like no one is watching in the comfort of her privacy